Local Love: Luxe Apothecary and Revive Bath + Body

Luxe and Revive Skin Care | Just Peachy Blog
Luxe and Revive Skin Care | Just Peachy Blog

Who doesn’t love to support local biz owners? Especially when it involves bath and body products, which, as I get older, are more and more important to me. There’s something about turning 23 and having your own apartment that makes bathtime and robes just that much more exciting… plus, now I love all the things that smell good and make my skin soft. Enter in: Luxe Apothecary and Revive Bath and Body. I’m so excited to share these local Atlanta brands with you all!

Luxe and Revive Skin Care | Just Peachy Blog Luxe and Revive Skin Care | Just Peachy Blog

I brought these two products with me to the beach last month: the Luxe Sea Clay + Mint Body Scrub and the Revive Lemongrass + Ginger Shea Butter Body Cream. The Sea Clay scrub was perfect for my seaside adventure – not only does it scrub the dead skin off to allow for an even tan (do this before you get to the beach!) but it also is filled with shea butter to moisturize after the scrubbing. The sea clay helps with joint and muscle pain (for sore pre-bikini muscles) while the peppermint essential oil cools everything off for a tingly feeling. Plus the sea green color looked super cute next to the beach.

The Revive Shea Butter cream was the best compliment to the scrub (not to be used on the same day though) because it was extremely moisturizing and softening. My skin gets so dry at the beach from the sun and the wind. I was so glad I brought this along because the sunburn made my skin peel quick and this made my skin soft immediately. I love the pump, the natural ingredients and Andy loves the smell!

Not only do these products have the best, natural ingredients for all of your skin’s ailments, but I love to support local makers. I first heard of Luxe Apothecary from my friends at American Threads! I love their essential oil roll-ons and both brands make amazing gifts for your bff or your mom. Want to know where to find these products? You can shop online (Luxe and Revive) or check out the stockist pages for a store near you!

Have you tried Luxe or Revive products? Comment with your favorite products below!

Disclaimer: I was gifted the 2 products featured in this blog post, however, all opinions are my own, as usual! Local, natural products rock.

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