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A month ago, I stared a 3 month membership at Pure Barre thanks to their VIP Red Card club. Now, I’m completely obsessed. I used to really like barre, but sometimes it was just a little too lowkey for me. You probably know what I mean – if I work out for an hour I want to sweat. A lot. So when Pure Barre wanted me to come try out the all new Platform-style class, I had to. And I love it! What can you expect from a Pure Barre Platform class? Keep reading!

You’re Going to Work
Not saying that you don’t work in the OG Pure Barre format, but take that effort and multiply it by about 3. For those of you who gravitate to more intense workouts like Cycle or Kickboxing (myself included), you’ll love it. There’s really no lull in class; it’s always go-go-go. And not only are you constantly working, but it’s even harder, quicker moves than regular barre. Because you’re using additional equipment in the platform, you’re doing more heart-rate-raising moves like jumping and stepping and elevated lunges.

You’re Going to Get Cardio + Strength
In just 55 minutes, you’ll be combining cardio moves plus the usual barre strength moves. Because of this, the class is way more efficient in achieving your fitness goals! Some people may have an aversion to cardio, while others may hate strength training (I do), so this class is the perfect way to combine the two and force yourself to do it. I usually burn about 400-500 calories in the Platform class!

You’re Going to Fly
If you’ve seen anything about Platform, you’ve probably seen the image of the girls flying off the barre in a dancer’s stretch. Yes, you’re actually asked to “fly” in class (if you want to). It is so fun! There are a lot of funny moves in Platform, so it’s a bit more fun to make a fool of yourself here. Pulsing is about twice as fast as it is in regular barre, and sometimes you’re squatting against the barre, on your platform, in a half frog leg position. It’s hard to explain – you gotta try it.

You’re Going to be Tired
Because you’re constantly moving in the Platform class, it’s over quick. And up until the end, you’re breathing hard and your heart rate is super elevated. Once class is over, celebration time kicks in and you will be exhausted! But that’s my favorite part of working out – the rest.

If you haven’t tried out a Platform class, or if you’ve taken barre and it wasn’t quite for you, I highly suggest you try it out! Most studios are offering the class at least 4-5 times a week, both in the AM and PM during the week and on the weekends. Also, for those of you who have taken Platform, you must read this post.

I was gifted a 3-month membership to my local Pure Barre studio, however, all opinions (as always) are my own!

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