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5 Best Documentaries on Netflix

Best Documentaries on Netflix | Just Peachy Blog

We had a big “snow day” this weekend in Atlanta, which meant everything shut down and we went no where for an entire 24 hours. It was tough, but with my new Apple TV I was able to catch up on a lot of Netflix, TV and YouTubing. My favorite thing to watch when I want to cuddle up for a few hours is documentaries – and I know I share the sentiment with many of you too! The following are, in my opinion, the best documentaries on Netflix.

Dogs on the Inside

Dogs on the Inside is about rescue dogs who are being rehabilitated by inmates… and the other way around. If you love dogs, you’ll love this one! It’s so heartwarming and gives you such a different opinion of criminals. I loved this doc so much that I even researched how I could get involved in the local nonprofit that does similar work.


Twinsters is another feel good doc all about family, friendship and fate. I especially enjoyed how it showcases how differently people, despite being genetically twins, can grow up completely differently based on how they are raised. It’s funny and sweet, sometimes a little sad, but mostly an uplifting watch!

Into the Abyss

I don’t know what it is about crime/prison documentaries but they are so interesting to me. Just like in real life, I love a good story about a troubled someone overcoming adversity and environment and changing for the good. I also appreciate the notion that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so being able to see inside the prisoner’s personalities in Into the Abyss is a good reminder that everyone is human despite their history and mistakes.

Rich Hill

Rich Hill is eye opening. If you have a soft spot for children – or even if you don’t, because I wouldn’t say I necessarily do – this movie is so heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly uplifting, just real life in a struggling town through the eyes of the children. Really one of my favorites! I could watch it over and over.

The Queen of Versailles

And the exact opposite of the previous documentary, The Queen of Versailles is about a rich woman/family and just how lavishly they live. It’s one of those movies that makes you rethink the notion “The grass is greener on the other side.” Very intriguing on both a financial and personal connection level.

Bonus (HBO Documentary): How to Dance in Ohio is my absolute favorite documentary of all time. Find a way to watch it!

Loving what you’ve read? Grab your heated blanket (am I the only one that got one for Christmas under the age of 58?), your popcorn and your man/dog and bundle up for the night with these heartwarming and educational movies!

Got a favorite you need to add? Leave it in the comments or tweet it to me at @rachelregal_!

Best Documentaries on Netflix | Just Peachy Blog Best Documentaries on Netflix | Just Peachy Blog

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  1. Pretty sure my favorite line of this post is: “If you have a soft spot for children – or even if you don’t, because I wouldn’t say I necessarily do.” LOL! Seriously though, so glad you posted this. Hunter and I got so stir-crazy this weekend that we went and bought Risk. Documentaries to the rescue!