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Freshly Meal Delivery [Review]

Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog

I was late to the meal delivery train and I can admit it. I can also admit that I’m lazy and recipe delivery services will never be my thing – sorry Blue Apron. However, Freshly came into my life at just the right time and now I’m not sure I’ll be able to make my own food without complaining. I saw a really awesome deal on Instagram for Freshly’s meal delivery service and I had to try it out. So, was it worth it? Keep reading!

Yes. It was worth it. I got 6 meals total, 5 entrees for dinner/lunch and 1 breakfast. I struggle most with lunches; I’m rarely hungry in the morning and Andy usually grills chicken for dinner so I get the easy veggie part. For lunch, I need something I can grab and go in the morning, otherwise I end up spending way too much money going out to eat and I consume even more calories than I need. Freshly was the perfect answer to my issues.

Freshly Pros

  • Really amazing quality food. I rated my meals below, but my absolute favorite meals were the Homestyle Meatloaf and the Jerk Chicken! Despite being “microwave meals”, they were actually very fresh and healthy tasting.
  • Easy to prepare. They’re already in their microwave packages so you can either microwave them in the plastic or plate them and heat them up. The instructions are easy and all of them heat in under 4 minutes.
  • Fairly healthy offerings. I chose some of the lower carb options (i.e. no pasta), and considering they’re such large portions, the calories and macronutrients are really not bad for you at all. The highest calorie count for my meals I think was just voer 550 calories, which is great for dinner.

Freshly Cons

  • It may take awhile to find what you like, and you may waste money finding it. I only would re-order 2 out of the 6 meals I received, so in a way, my money was wasted just a little bit. (Although I don’t see it that way because I still at the food.)
  • You may get tired of the foods. It seemed like there were only 1 or 2 new menu items every couple weeks, and I already was not looking forward to eating the same meals the next week. (I forgot to cancel in time, which brings me to my next con.)
  • If you forget to skip or cancel your next week, you’ll end up getting the exact same foods you ordered the previous week. This could be good if you found your favorites, or bad if you hated them all.
  • Food “spoils” within 5 days. This is good to know when planning your meals. I’d highly suggest if you’re doing more than 4 meals, to order breakfasts and entrees to make your money last longer. Unfortunately, the earliest delivery date I could find originally was on a Saturday, but I knew I wouldn’t eat the food until Monday started. I also hate eating foods past their “Sell By” date, so it was hard for me to eat the last meal that had gone “bad”.

Notes on the Meals I Ordered

  • Harvest Omelette (Rating N/A): I actually didn’t eat this one before it went bad! :/
  • Pecan Pork (Rating 2 out of 5): The veggies on this one were crips and delicious, however, the meat in the pork grossed me out a little bit (although pork sometimes does that to me). There was a bit too much of the pecan topping for me. Big portion!
  • Southwest Chicken Bowl (Rating 4 out of 5): The grilled chicken in this was so juicy and tender despite being microwaved. The serving is huge and I barely ate half of it. Restaurant quality for sure.
  • Homestyle Meatloaf (Rating 5 out of 5): Delicious! The potatoes were amazing. The meatloaf was great too! I love meatloaf so it’s not hard for me to dig it, but this was my favorite meal!
  • Jerk Chicken (Rating 5 out of 5): Such a good flavor! The chicken was a little bit dryer on this breast, but the rice was soo good. It smelled amazing out of the microwave and I finished the whole thing!
  • Seafood Risotto (Rating 2 out of 5): This smelled very. fishy. I made it at work and everyone hated the smell. The shrimp and the risotto were good but the scallops grossed me out. They even blew up in the microwave. I had a hard time eating this one.

Overall, I loved Freshly and would love to keep paying for it if I found the meals I absolutely loved to eat, or if I downgraded to the 4 meal a week plan! Unfortunately, I’m trying out some new diets (Whole 30 here I come) so I’ve paused it for now. Will you try it out? Use this link to get 50% off your first delivery!

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored ad. I paid for this all on my own and wanted to share!

Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog Freshly Meal Service Review | Just Peachy Blog

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