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I finally, officially have my bridesmaids! And they all said yes! I never thought I’d actually get nervous to ask a few of my best friends to be a big (biggest?) part of my most special day ever, but I’ve got to be honest… I got fairly anxious! One reason why I felt so anxious was because of how proud I was of these boxes I put together. I wanted something unique, personal and thoughtful without being cheesy. This is how they turned out!

Personalized Wooden Box: The box is one of the most important parts after all. I stained small these wooden chests from Hobby Lobby, then hand painted each of my bridesmaids names on top with a paint pen. For an extra special detail, I included some designs with paint on the inside of the box as well. Then I used crinkle paper (like you get in Easter baskets, also from Hobby Lobby) to fill the emptiness.

Succulent and Pot: I love succulents and wanted to incorporate some sort of greenery that I hope to have a lot of at our wedding as well. I searched all over Etsy for cute planters, but I ended up making my own instead. With glass bottles and regular mini clay pots (from Hobby Lobby), I spray painted the outside in white, then used gold craft paint to paint messy accent on the bottom, almost as if they were dipped in gold. The various succulents I got at Home Depot.

Paint Swatch Color Palette: Using free paint tiles from Home Depot, I chose my favorite colors for wedding inspiration and cut the specific colors into slivers to include. My inspiration for our wedding is lots of greenery/leaves, dusty rose and navy-gray. I’m hoping to find bridesmaid dresses in the charcoal navy color! The question I surprisingly get asked a lot is about the color palette, so I thought it would be helpful to include it here.

Message in a Balloon: And for the other important part, the actual big question! I ordered mini balloons from Etsy and thought I’d be able to get them blown up with helium at the grocery store, however, they were too small to float! So I had to improvise. I rolled up a small message “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and put it inside the balloon, then blew it up as normal. I then wrote “pop!”on the outside so the girls knew what to do. Everyone loved it!

Backup Bridesmaid Onesie: Two of my bridesmaids recently had baby girls (one exactly a month ago, and the other 6 months ago) and once this idea popped in my head I just knew I had to do it. I was so excited about these. I purchased plain white onesies from, where else, Hob-Lob and used puff paint to handwrite the words. This was such an easy and cute way to incorporate my bridesmaids’ family and new lives as mommas into our wedding!

I’m also very grateful my dog loves to help me so much. Had to include that photo because he’s just so cute!

What do you think? Would you say yes? How did you ask your bridesmaids?

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