How to Run a 5K with Minimal Run Training

I was invited to run in The Color Run with YouFit Health Clubs this year with my sister and it was so fun! I hadn’t run in this race since the first year it was in Atlanta in 2012-ish. I was invited in March so I did not have enough time to train for the 5K. However, I had been naturally “training” by following a few exercise steps without physically running miles a week. So what did I do? Keep reading for my no-train training tips!

Strengthen your Legs

I’ve been doing OrangeTheory for a few months and have felt my legs getting stronger. With rowing and weight lifting, my legs are definitely more conditioned and are able to pull a lot more work than before! I’ve found that hamstring and calf exercises go a long way to improve your running form. At YouFit, I like to do the leg press and hamstring curls, plus use weights to do calf raises. Stronger legs = stronger runs, automatically. Just make sure you’re mixing it with some cardio!

Work on Cardio

You don’t have to choose running for your cardio. As long as you’re working your heart and your lungs and conditioning your body, any cardio counts. I really love cycling, so whether I’m doing it at my local spin studio or I’m doing a self-guided class at the gym, getting in cardio on the bike or the stair stepper still counts towards your training. Trust me, the stair stepper is no joke, plus you have the best view of everyone in the gym, ha.

Choose a Fun Run

The Color Run is definitely the most fun run I’ve ever done – even more fun than the Cupcake Run! When you choose a race with a fun element (like powdered color being thrown at your face) it automatically makes the run more enjoyable and distracting from how your legs may feel.

Run with Friends

This isn’t anything secret, but running with other people actually makes you work harder. Even if you’re not a competitive person (I’m not), you still want to keep up and/or prove yourself. It also makes it way more fun! The first time I ran in the Color Run, I ran alone. It was still fun, but could have been a lot more fun had I had a group to enjoy it with (and take pictures with)!

Are you running in a race this summer? I’m planning on a 10K! Let me know your running tips in the comments below.

Thank you to YouFit for providing me a gym membership and entry into The Color Run for my sister and I!

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