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The Best Bridal Shower Tips

Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog

A couple weeks ago, my sister and another one of my bridesmaids threw me the best bridal shower I could have asked for. I’ve been to many over the years, but obviously never had one of my own. I knew what to expect, but they really surprised me with the little details that were so me! I probably couldn’t have done a better job myself and the entire thing was a surprise. Keep reading to browse through photos and some of my tips for pulling off a successful party of your own.

Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog Bridal Shower Ideas | Just Peachy Blog

Know Her Favorites

My bridal shower had my favorite foods: DaVinci’s donuts, Chicken Salad Chick croissants and mimosas. Personal touches make the bride feel like it’s more than just a party, but a very special day for her. (Because it is.) Sure, food is food, but if you go out of the way to choose some treats that she’s very well known for liking, it’ll be the icing on the donut, so to speak.

Introduce the Guests

This is one thing we forgot to do, but I really enjoy this part at other showers! Once you’ve settled in for games or before present time, go around the room and introduce each attendee. The bride can do this with a little anecdote about how they met or how they know each other or each guest can introduce themselves. For the most part, a lot of your guests will know each other, but it’s nice to put faces with names and hear how their friendship started.

Play (Fun) Games

I didn’t want to make a dress out of toilet paper (not my thing). I also didn’t want to pay Bingo. Instead, my sister quizzed Andy before the party with a bunch of questions about him, me, our relationship and our future. I had to answer the questions with how I thought he answered them and it was super fun! We play this game at every Bridal Shower for our friend group, so it’s a little tradition that I love. Plus, in semi-awkward situations (like opening a thousand presents in front of people), talking about yourself breaks the ice a bit.

Follow a Timeline

For me, it felt like the party was over in about 5 minutes flat. It went by so fast! But that’s because the hosts had a guideline for when people would arrive, when to eat and when to start playing games, which seamlessly transitioned into presents. Note that watching someone open presents for an hour isn’t the most fun activity in the world, so starting that late may make some attendees grumpy. Most showers are planned for 2 hours but often go over by about 30 minutes, so keep the food and games within the first hour! Guests can always stay a little late afterwards if they still feel they have some chatting to do, but most people will leave quickly.


If you’re throwing a shower for someone, don’t feel stressed out! Know that the bride is just so grateful that you offered. The day will be so busy for her, that she won’t notice if anything goes wrong. You’re sweet to even take it on, and she knows that!

Have any other tips? Leave them in a comment below!

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