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Working from Home Tips and Tricks

Work From Home Tips and Tricks | Just Peachy BlogWork From Home Tips and Tricks | Just Peachy Blog

It can be very hard to go from 40+ hours a week in the office to working freely from home. There is a big time adjustment period, but I’ve found that I love the atmosphere of being able to work whenever I wake up and throughout the day at my own pace. I have a hard time dealing with long commutes and traffic, so being able to work from home is such a blessing and I’m so lucky to work for a company that trusts me and allows me to do so!

If you’ve just started working from home, or even need some help staying focused, keep reading for my work from home tips and tricks!

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Finding a Routine Takes Time

I’ll be 100% transparent here. It look a little bit (like two weeks) to really find out where and how I worked best. At first, I would get distracted easily with the coffee maker, the TV, YouTube, Chewy. But then I realized I wasn’t being productive and that I had to figure out how to make it work in order to continue to work from home. Typically, I’ll set out a schedule and do the same thing every week if possible. On Mondays, I’ll spend most of the day scheduling posts for my clients, checking in on paid media and following up with any projects I didn’t finish the previous week. Most Fridays I’ll spend creating content and writing blog posts. It’s harder for me to get distracted when I have a strict schedule I follow.

Start Early

When I work from home, I like to get up and get started as early as possible just in case I want to leave the house at lunch to workout or in case I get distracted throughout the day. I almost always get the bulk of my work done much before Andy gets home and sometimes I can even end a little bit early if I’m on a roll! Although it’s easier for me to work late from home, I find that I’m not as focused when there are other humans in the house or it’s dark outside.

Make a Daily To Do List and Schedule

I used to do this long before I had to track my time, but I schedule out all of my to-do’s along with the time that I’m going to start and finish the task. This sounds so micromanaging but I need to do it to keep myself on track. The times I outline for myself will sometimes fluctuate but I’ve found that knowing exactly what I need to get done and when it should happen really helps my productivity! Otherwise, I jump between tasks or spend too much time on my planned Instagram breaks!

Listen to Background Noise

Some people can work in silence. I cannot (unless I have a super involved project). Depending on the task I’m working on, I’ll have a movie or TV show on in the background, a podcast or Spotify. Typically, I know exactly what I need to listen to to get the job done. For content creation, I actually get more inspiration when I have the TV on. For projects I need to focus on for longer periods of time, like website builds, I listen to music. My biggest tip here is never watch or listen to something you’re really interested in. I typically only turn on news channels or TV shows I’m not invested in so that it just serves as background noise.

Find Your Best Desk Space

I was so excited to work from home (life goals come true) that I immediately started planning my office in the guest room. I knew I wanted a desk with lots of surface area so that I could spread out. I have two computers, my phone, an iPad, a notebook and an agenda, so the space is needed. Every L-shaped desk I found was ugly, so we set out to make our own and I love it so much. Yes, sometimes it actually serves as my laundry station, but it’s the best space for me to get stuff done. I love how my desk is along the large windows so that I can overlook the neighborhood (aka see when UPS is here!). Andy almost never comes in the office which minimizes distractions and makes me feel like it’s all mine. Of course, Chewy has a second bed in there too.

Working from home is rewarding and relaxing, not to mention a time and money saver! Everyone has a different work style, so some of these tips and tricks may not work as well for you. Share your productivity tips below!

Work From Home Tips and Tricks | Just Peachy Blog

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