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6 Reasons to Celebrate with VOVETI Prosecco

VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog

VOVETI Prosecco Celebrations | Just Peachy Blog

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We’ve got a lot to celebrate around here! This past weekend, my college team won the SEC Championship and is going on to the College Football Playoffs. Go Dawgs! (We deserve it.) Sunday was Andy’s birthday, and the first birthday as husband and wife. We also found out yesterday that his college team is also going to the College Football Playoffs. Roll Tide! (I’m just hoping we play them in the final championship.) Needless to say, there was a lot of celebrating with lots of VOVETI around here all weekend. VOVETI Keep reading for my top, every day reasons to celebrate with the bubbly.

Happy, Happy Birthdays

Congratulate yourself for making it another year. Reaching another birthday, for some, is a feat in itself. It’s also the best excuse to pop a tall bottle of VOVETI. I typically only drink on occasions and any type of bubbly champagne or prosecco drink is at the top of my list. On a special birthday, there’s nothing better. There’s just something fresh, glamorous and indulgent about it.

Big Time Wins

With Georgia’s huge win over Auburn this weekend, it was most definitely a reason to celebrate. All I wanted to do was shake up a big bottle and spray it over my entire house, TV and myself. I didn’t, obviously, but in my dreams I did. Winning celebrations also carry over into other facets of life beyond sports affiliations. Celebrate a professional or personal award with a glass of the good stuff.

Goals and Achievements

So you lost the 30 pounds? Pop the bottle! You paid off your student loans? Totally pop that bottle! And you deserve a big cheers too! I’m most motivated by rewards, so whenever I set a goal for myself I have to earn a gift in the end. There’s just something about the tingling sound of a freshly uncorked bottle of VOVETI that makes me feel smile. Achieving a huge goal you set yourself deserves a celebration, or at the least a bubbly reward!

Weekend Brunches

Let’s be honest, brunch doesn’t exist without mimosas. One of my favorite drinks on the planet, you don’t need much more of a reason to enjoy one or two on the weekend. I like my VOVETI sparkling with OJ, or pineapple juice, or strawberry, or peach. Okay, I just love them all. Even on its own! VOVETI is a brut style DOC (a category of Italian wine) with a more tempered acidity and a fresh profile, which is why it’s so easy to drink alone.

Babies, Diamonds and New Homes

Since purchasing a home, getting engaged and getting married (in that order), we’ve accumulated quite the collection of champagne and sparkling wine. Big (and happy!) life changes can easily be celebrated with a big, beautiful bottle. It makes quite the special gift that can be shared or saved for an anniversary! VOVETI is an easy drinking aperitif or mixes for a great cocktail and is perfect to share with friends who are celebrating a milestone in their life as well. And while I do not condone drinking while pregnant, pregnant mamas can let your loved ones celebrate in style!

Just Because

Truly, there’s no bad reason to pop the cork on your favorite bottle of VOVETI prosecco. You don’t need a reason at all. Treat yourself!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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