My Every Day Beauty Hair + Makeup Favorites (+ Ulta 20% off coupon!)

I have a fairly low-maintenance beauty routine. Sure, it’s getting increasingly complicated as I get older, but I pretty much use the same products every single day without fail. It takes me only about 10-15 minutes to apply my makeup each morning and I only style my hair twice a week. Yes, it holds the style ALL week despite working out every day (sometimes twice a day) and I think that could be a blog post all in itself…

The only part of my routine that has become more complicated recently is my skincare. Growing up, I never even washed my face! I have been blessed with pretty tame skin, except for that stressful time in college, and so skincare was never on my radar. I wish I would have started using all of these products earlier in my life to prevent some of the issues I’m experiencing now: dry/dull skin and wrinkles!

Ulta recently sent out their 20% off, no exclusions coupon so I’m going to go restock on many of these items as soon as I can. If you’re part of their rewards program, check your email or your mailbox for the coupon! You can use it on fragrance and the “prestige cosmetics”, so it’s such a great deal. (You can also get 20% off 1 qualifying item purchase with coupon code 504038! Just click here to shop.)

I’ve organized my daily products (and some extra favorites) by type of product below. Happy shopping!




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