2018 Goals (and Mini 2017 Recap)

2017 was quite a year. It may have been my most favorite year of all time, mostly due to the fact that we got married! But besides getting married and going on an amazing honeymoon together, I also started new projects, got more out of current projects and was overall extremely happy. Boho Bus grew more than 90% in sales in its second year, I started a new, amazing job that allows me to really own my work + get to work from home and I was able to cross “Finish retiling the fireplace” off my yearly goals.

Despite 2017 being pretty hard to top, I’ve got some big plans for 2018.

My Goals for 2018:
  • Declutter: I have so much stuff and things. Stuff and things. That’s not what I want my 2018 to be about. I used to be more of a pack rat, but recently I’ve realized just how much stuff we hold on to that we never use or even appreciate. I want to get rid of a lot of the clutter in our home, but also in my closet and in my life in general. It’s hard to keep our house clean when we have so much stuff laying around. We have 2 extra bedrooms in our home that are filled with things we never touch, and when you think about how much money is laying around unused it’s sickening!
  • Hustle: If you know me, or have been around awhile, you know I like to be busy with a lot of projects. Last year I was able to really focus on our boutique, Boho Bus, and focus a lot on quality blog content. Thanks to an amazing job change, I had more flexibility to work on more of what was important to me like pop-up events, outfit posts and hustling more in general. In 2018, I want to hustle even harder, which means adding a YouTube channel! I made a hair tutorial a couple years ago that has turned out to be super popular, so I’m excited to introduce weekly vlogs and other types of videos! Follow here to see my first video (or it’s embedded below!) and never miss out! 🙂
  • Work It: In late 2017, I started Crossfit with Andy and I am absolutely loving it. In 2018, I want to get a lot stronger and see a lot of the muscle that I’m building. I’m hoping to do Crossfit at least 3-4 times a week (working up to 5 by the end of the year). I also got an indoor cycling bike and started a Peloton app membership so I’m planning to cycle at least 4-5 times a week in addition! I have specific Crossfit goals, but I can go into those on my YouTube Crossfit series. This year, I’m less concerned with losing weight and more excited to improve on my athleticism and decrease body fat percentage.
  • Save: To be honest, I didn’t even come close to achieving my money goals for last year. I should have known paying for some parts of our wedding would be stressful on the credit card/bank account and I ended up putting even more on them. Sadly true, just being honest. This year, I want to really and honestly try to pay off twice as much each month, while spending half of what I usually do.

What are your goals for 2018? Share them below!

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