Cold Weather Layers

Lululemon Beanie | Striped Tee | Quilted Vest | Camel Peacoat
Destroyed Denim | Velvet Sneakers

Anyone else completely over these cold temps? There’s a reason why we moved to Georgia from Michigan… okay, it was because of my dad’s job, but there’s a reason why we haven’t moved back up north. I hate winter!

Although I will say, the best thing (read: only thing) about winter is getting to wear my variety of heavy coats. I’ve had my eye on this camel coat for a couple years and I’m so glad my mom got it for me for Christmas! Something about the shape of it: it’s classic, but still trendy. It’s not too preppy for me, but it’s not going to go out of style within the next 10 years either. Plus, it’s so warm, I only had to wear a light tee and light vest underneath to stay warm on one of the coldest weeks of the year.

I’ve also been crushing on knit hats. I’ve always had a few in my collection, yet they’ve never been in style as much as they are this year. I had to scoop this Lulu hat up because it looks almost leathery and… it’s Lulu. The little puff ball is cute too.

What are you loving on to keep you warm this winter?

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