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My Love Story with James Avery

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James Avery Love Story | Just Peachy Blog James Avery Love Story | Just Peachy Blog James Avery Love Story | Just Peachy Blog James Avery Love Story | Just Peachy Blog James Avery Love Story | Just Peachy Blog

My parents made me a pretty lucky girl when I was born in April, making my birthstone a diamond! To say I’ve been obsessed with diamonds my whole life is an understatement, but now that I’m married (officially 6 months today!), diamonds have an even more special meaning to me. I recently picked up this birthstone ring from James Avery and I love stacking it with my wedding rings or wearing it alone. It’s not a real diamond (it’s a white sapphire), but it looks just as nice! And I love the gold hammered style.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share our love story!

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Andy and I grew up in the same small-ish town in Georgia, just about 5 miles away from each other, but we went to rival high schools. We had no idea who the other was until college when a good friend introduced us at party. We were friends for a year (I secretly had a crush on him) and we reconnected after the summer before my junior year. He would come to Athens (where I went to school) every single weekend, we’d talk all night long and watch the same movie on Netflix at the same time… you know, the usual college semi-long distance thing.

I believe in fate, and the notion that everything happens for a reason (otherwise I wouldn’t have tattooed it on my body). Sophomore year of college was not a good year for me. I went through a lot of stressful times getting acclimated to college, being away from home, being in a sorority and starting new friendships at a school where almost all of my high school friends had gone too. It was hard to deal with changing relationships, the pressure of school and being away from my family. When Andy and I started hanging out again, it was just at the right moment.

My first two years of college, I felt like something was holding me back from being myself. A lot of my classes were not quite as fun or interesting as I had hoped and I really wanted to make new friends outside of my high school circle. I also really wanted to branch out and find a part-time job or study abroad. But I did none of that out of fear of what people who have known me forever would think of me. When I started dated Andy, I felt like I could do anything and he’d encourage me through everything. That is when I started this blog! I then studied abroad, and got a part-time job and an internship during the school year. I practiced hobbies I never knew I wanted to pursue and I had no problem being myself.

Now, 8 years later, I’ve had 4 job changes, started my own business, traveled alone, traveled with Andy, traveled with my sister, gone out of my way to make new friends, adopted a puppy, bought a house, had 3 cars and got married to my favorite person on Earth.

That’s what love should be all about. Sharing life with someone who encourages you to be the best person you can be. Who allows you to flourish as your own person, but makes you stronger together as a couple. Someone who supports your hobbies and tells you you can do anything you want.

What’s your love story? Share your own blog post or Instagram post!

James Avery sponsored this post, however, all thoughts are my own because it’s our love story, of course! Thank you James Avery!

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