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My Indie Wedding Playlist

Indie Wedding Playlist | Just Peachy Blog

One of the most complimented aspects of our wedding (besides my dad’s speech) was our wedding playlist. I was very, very particular about what music was played before the ceremony, during the ceremony and at happy hour. So much so that, I even made a specific playlist and told the DJ not to stray from that. Once the dance floor was open… it was all him.

I had a hard time choosing things like the song I walked down the aisle to and our first dance. I did a lot of research and spent a lot of time on Spotify for about 6 months leading up to the very last moment I had to submit the information to the DJ. But it was all worth it! I wouldn’t have changed a single song. I wanted the music to be unique, nothing that you’ve heard at every other wedding and very little (if any) music that was currently being played on the radio.

There were a few songs/artists that I knew we had to have no matter what. I knew I wanted Mumford and Sons to be playing when I walked down the aisle because they are one of my favorite bands and completely the feel of my wedding (natural and indie and effortless). They also have some of the most powerful, emotional songs and I have a strong connection with them since they’re my favorite band. To be honest, I did want to walk down the aisle to their “There Will Be Time” but because there is chanting in another language (despite beautiful translations), a few people I had asked for advice told me it may give a weird vibe.

I also knew I had to have NSYNC at some (multiple) points and Hanson was a no-contest. I don’t think many of the groomsmen were very happy about having to be announced to “Mmmbop” but whose wedding is it, really? Plus, “Mmmbop” is all about friendship and also my senior quote from my high school yearbook.

The hardest decision was our first dance song. Of course I couldn’t choose anything they play on the radio because I would hate it within a month. Of course I couldn’t choose anything that I had already heard at someone else’s wedding because I’m stubborn like that. I finally narrowed down my options to about 7 songs, then sent the playlist to Andy to choose a few. Luckily he chose my top choices too!

Processional/Walking Down the Aisle: Mumford and Sons “Not With Haste”
Recessional/Leaving the Altar: Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”
Wedding Party Announcement: Hanson “Mmmbop”
First Dance: James Bay “If I Ain’t Got You” (Yes, the Alicia Keys cover.)
Cutting the Cake: Justin Timberlake/Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good”
Last Song of the Night: NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye”

My entire pre-ceremony and happy hour playlist can be found on Spotify, and linked below. There are lots of good wedding songs to choose from if you want something different for one of the activities above as well. Tell me what the most memorable song from your wedding in the comments below!

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