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How I Edit My Photos in Lightroom [VIDEO]

Ever since I created my custom Lightroom filter a few months ago, I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photos and more specifically, what presets/filters I use. I decided to release my custom filters for purchase at the end of last year so I could share the wealth! Because Lightroom presets can be a little finnicky depending on the photo composition and the subject in the photo, I wanted to give even more insight into how I edit my photos including what settings I adjust to change the visual appeal. Watch the video below to see exactly what I do to create the “perfect” picture for my feed!


I almost always use the Tennessee preset on my photos. Without fail, this one gives me the best look as soon as its applied. Depending on where I’m using the photos, I’ll play around with a few of the other filters. I especially love California for my Instagram Stories and DC is used almost primarily on photos of Rooney!


Sometimes, there’s too much light on the photo and, although I love brightness in my photos, I will need to turn down the brightness to adjust for the presets application and the natural light in the photo. Sometimes, the photo is way too dark and I’ll need to bring the adjustment up. This is my most used adjustment and can transform any photo, truly.


Color adjustments amaze me. I don’t know how the technology works, but I’m glad it does. I like my photos warm, but I don’t like when white tones turn yellow. That’s where the Yellow color adjustment comes into play! It’s my best friend. I also use the color adjustments to tone down or turn up the warmth and tan in my skin tone (I need it, especially in winter) and sometimes the coloring in my clothing or the trees around me.


Sometimes you just need to edit something out. Luckily, I don’t really take selfies so I never need to hide blemishes, but natural blemishes arise in photos all of the time. Like trash on the ground, a random electrical outlet, or a stain on your shirt. Yep, it happens. So patch removing imperfections that distract from the overall photo can make your post that much better.

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Questions on how to edit your photos? Leave them below!

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