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Small Packages Gift Boxes Review | Just Peachy Blog Small Packages Gift Boxes Review | Just Peachy Blog

I love giving gifts. I’m not a very emotional person, so I’m not as vocal about sharing my gratitude and love to those around me. So instead, I like to give gifts to show my love! And I think I’m pretty good at it. But most often I just don’t have the time to devote to searching for the perfect gift. That’s where Small Packages comes in clutch.

I wanted to gift my sister, Erin, something special because of how much she helps me with my blog and how much she does day-to-day at Boho Bus. She sometimes spends hours on her days off taking pictures of me for social media and blog collaborations and I’ve yet to be in the position to pay her as my intern, but I try to give her some of my gifts every once in awhile. I work pretty much non-stop, so when I can get a day off with nothing to do, I like to do nothing! But she is always up for going  to a new fitness studio or restaurant, taking a last minute road trip or just meeting somewhere to take thousands of outfit photos.

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With Small Packages, you can remind your friends (or family) just how important they are to you. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise package in the mail? Especially when they’re celebrating good news or dealing with a difficult situation. Small Packages curates gift boxes in a range of different prices starting at $35, $50 and $100 – which is perfect for all budgets. The themes of the packages vary from New Baby to Breakup to When She’s Sick. They’ve really thought of everything!

I chose to send Erin the When You Screw Up box, not because I’ve done anything wrong, but it was the most well-rounded box! I used it more to say “Just wanted to treat you.” Inside, they include a handmade letter in which they will handwrite the message you leave at checkout. This box also features a chocolate bar (uh, yum!), an adorable package of tea, lip scrub, honey, pennant with the message “Capable and Courageous”, body scrub AND a candle. (This is the largest of the boxes.)

Special for the Valentine’s Day season, they just introduced the Galentine’s Day box which is adorable! A sweet handwritten card, chocolates, coffee body scrub… they’re the perfect gifts to treat your friends in February to let them know you’re thinking about them. You can pre-order the Galentine’s Day box now on their site.

Life gets busy. We all get busy. It’s so hard to coordinate calendars and schedules with so many different things going on. I love how Small Packages offers the opportunity to surprise your friends – near or far – with a sweet gift to let them know you’re thinking of them or you appreciate them or you just want to support.

This post was sponsored by Small Packages, but as always, all opinions are my own!

Small Packages Gift Boxes Review | Just Peachy Blog

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