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Puppy Potty Training for all Ages with Hartz

Thank you Hartz for sponsoring this post. Hartz Dog Pads are America’s #1 brand of dog pads and are available nationwide at Walmart, Amazon and your local grocery store.

Dog Potty Training Hartz Dog Pads | Just Peachy Blog Dog Potty Training Hartz Dog Pads | Just Peachy Blog Dog Potty Training Hartz Dog Pads | Just Peachy Blog Dog Potty Training Hartz Dog Pads | Just Peachy Blog

By now, you must know how much I love my dogs. We’re very lucky that we have (in my opinion) the two best and most beautiful dogs in the world, but as is with everything in life, sometimes they make mistakes. Potty training wasn’t the easiest trick they picked up, especially after living in an apartment (for Chewy’s first 4 years) and living without a fenced backyard for the first half of Rooney’s 1 year of life.

Besides crate sleeping, which neither of my dogs took to, potty training is the second most frustrating part about having a puppy. Chewy, being a male dog, seemed to have a few too many accidents in the house and Rooney just peed so much as a puppy! We are lucky now to have hardwood floors instead of carpet, but even still, accidents will ruin your floors and rugs! My sister just got a new puppy a few weeks ago (that’s Indie, she’s the one with one blue and one brown eye) and this is all reminding me of our potty training experience.

We used puppy pads in both dog’s crates because unfortunately with our work schedules, they had to sit in there for quite a bit of time during the day while they were growing up. We also used pads by exterior doors to potty train and associate going to the bathroom with going outside. I couldn’t recommend enough the Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads for this!

The best part of the Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads is that they’re built with fast-absorbing quilt pockets and FlashDry® Gel technology which soaks in any wetness and completely neutralizes any odors and has a fresh scent – which is important because pet waste smells so bad and I have such a complex about my home smelling like pet accidents! There is really nothing worse. Anyone who knows someone with indoor cats knows that…

The easiest part of using Hartz Dog Pads is that they are the easiest to clean up. As long as your dog learns to use the bathroom on them, you can quickly scoop the pad up and throw it away. The FlashDry® Gel technology I mentioned earlier is the coolest technology – it turns liquid into gel instantly so your pad isn’t soaking the floor or getting liquid underneath it. I don’t know how they come up with these kind of things but it’s genius!

Even if you don’t have a brand new puppy, these Hartz Dog Pads come in handy. Despite Chewy being almost 7 years old, from time to time he can have an accident. If you know you may be gone awhile, or your older dog isn’t feeing well, leaving these out by the door could save you from a huge mess to clean up when you get home. There are two spots in the house that Chewy will have an accident, so leaving these out in those spots could prevent a nasty mess.

Now that we have four dogs in our family, from all different ages, these things are coming in quite handy! If you’re in the market, Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads are available nationwide at Walmart,, Amazon and at your local grocery store.

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