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Thrift With Me + Thrifted Home Decor Haul [VIDEO]

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been very into thrifting lately! It all started at a random estate sale where I found the coolest things ever, for super cheap. Then I started going to Goodwill and antique stores and Value Village every time I got a free second. It turns out, I was never good at shopping for clothes secondhand but I have a knack for finding cool home goods! With all of the things I was buying, I knew I couldn’t keep them all, so I opened an online vintage shop Mysa Vintage Market.

To start my thrift series, watch my very first Thrift With Me and Thrifted Home Decor haul on my YouTube channel! If you’re interested in more, like tips and tricks and more hauls, please let me know! I have a lot more related content in the works.

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