What I Want to Accomplish in my 29th Year

Today is my 29th birthday. As a child, I pretty much dreaded the day I would turn 30. And now, I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me a bit! 30 seems so adult. But (gladly) either society has changed or I still feel young enough and your 30’s are basically still considered your 20’s. Whew.

In honor of my last year in my 20’s, I wanted to put together a list of things I want to accomplish before turning 30! I got this idea from my friend Emily at Life with Emily, who is just a 2 weeks older and so we have shared some of the same life trajectories over the last almost 10 years! (Side note: how is it possible we’ve known each other that long, just from blogging?!)

Go on vacation… alone

I’m independent. I do a lot of things alone and sometimes (most times) I actually prefer it. I don’t mind going to a coffee shop alone, and I don’t mind eating breakfast or lunch at a restaurant alone. So this year, I want to travel somewhere solo. (Emily also wants to do this!) I have no clue where I’d go, because honestly it is a little scary, but a quick weekend getaway to relax is just what I need!

Do more of what makes me happy, and less of what doesn’t

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I’m “forced” to do for whatever reason and whether or not those things make me happy, make me feel neutral, or make me feel terrible. It’s sad that I spent many of my 29 years being miserable when I could have changed my situations easily, but hindsight is always 20/20. Since I’m more financially stable, emotionally mature and confident in my life choices, I want to be able eliminate things I hate, that get me down, and do more things that I love!

I don’t love grocery shopping, because it’s a waste of time and I buy the same things every week. This year, I want to invest in a grocery delivery service. 🙂

I love quilting, but because it takes so much time, I rarely get to do it. This year I want to make more time (like the time I’ll save with my grocery delivery service!) to make more quilts. Hopefully, I’ll make about 3-4.

I also love thrifting and estate sale-ing and have been surprisingly successful with my online vintage store, Mysa Vintage Market. The best part of thrifting and going to estate sales is that most of it can be done on weekends or nighttimes and I have many close friends/family who enjoy it too! It would be amazing to open a booth in an antique store, so I’d like to get the ball rolling on that this year.

Take more risks

I’m more of a safe and steady personality, and big life changes freak me out. Though I love change, a lot, risky decisions are not my forte. I think you should take one big risk every year and this year, why not take a big one? I don’t know what that one is yet, but I’ve got 365 days for the universe to show it to me.

Have more: money, vegetables, muscles

I wanted to group these all into one because none are more important than the others, and they’re all a bit superficial.

I want to save more money and make more money, win-win! Whether this is landing more partnerships for the blog or spending less, it’s important that I’m adding to my savings and paying off debt so that we can purchase a new house and I can invest in a new camera in the next couple years!

I’m on the right track right now with Faster Way to Fat Loss (I talk more about my journey on Instagram!) and I want to keep this up for the rest of my life. I’ve struggled with poor eating habits and at points low confidence in my body, but I’m finally starting to see that 1) it’s never too late to work on your body and 2) being healthy makes you feel good!

Which leaves me to my next superficial goal, to get stronger! This is an overall goal for the year of course, and I’ve already made huge strides. I was able to learn how to do a gymnastics movement at CrossFit that I never thought I’d be able to do. In one week I progressed so much and it really motivated me to work harder on all other areas of skills. There’s really nothing like feeling strong and I never thought I’d be someone who enjoys lifting weights.

Make other people happy

There’s some quote out there about the way to turn around a bad day is to try to make someone smile and it’s true. Making other people laugh is one of my favorite things to do, whether I’m trying to or not, and I want to take it a step further. I have been feeling called to donate my time or resources to help other people whether it’s being a mentor or donating clothing and resources via Boho Bus. I’ve also been rather selfish with my time the last few years with everything I have going on, so I’d like to get back to making plans to see friends and spend time with them.

Here’s to my 29th year! Hope it’s the best one yet.

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