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Thrifting Home Decor Tips and Tricks

I used to be the type of person who hated thrift stores. Honestly, I still feel like I suffer from allergic symptoms when I’m in some: my throat closes up and it gets scratchy. I could never find good clothes and I absolutely hated sifting through each and every single hanger just to find something cute or in my size. Plus, to be frank, I really love a fresh new shirt that’s never been worn before.

Home decor, on the other hand, is practically treasure. I started my own online vintage home decor shop, Mysa Vintage Market, and I’ve sold quite a few of my finds! Sadly, they were a few of my favorite items, but still exciting nonetheless to send them off to be loved by someone else. After scouring thrift stores almost daily for a couple weeks, I’ve discovered some tricks of the trade and am happy to share them with you all today.

Shop Every Day

This sounds time-consuming, because it is. You literally have to shop every day to find the goods. It sounds insane, but a quick peruse around the store can take as little as 15 minutes!

There are at least 3 thrift shops, all right next to each other, on the road home from the gym, so stopping by those is easy on a weekly basis. There are also 2 thrift shops I like on the way home from work. It’s easy to stop by all of these stores on the way home from my daily activities, but I know not many people have the luxury of being so close to so many thrift stores.

If you are traveling or know you have an event in an area you don’t often visit, search to see what thrift stores are in the surrounding area.

Discover the Deals

When you shop often, you’ll learn which stores have deals and on which days. Goodwill always has a weekly discount on a certain color tag. Salvation Army (near me) does 25% off on Wednesdays. Value Village (near me) does 50% off on the last Wednesday of the month and also has a color-based deal system each week.

If you fall into a certain group of people like Military or Seniors, most stores will have a daily deal for you so you can shop any day of the week and still save!

Know What Areas to Shop

If you like a certain era of decor, shop in cities and towns with homes that were built in or around that time period. This sounds crazy, but I know that I don’t want to shop in any newer cities where the housing boom began in the 90s or 00s because the stuff in those stores is too new and not my style! In my area, I love shopping in Roswell, Marietta and Sandy Springs because many of these homes were built in the late 70s. This is one of my best secret tips.

Look Under, Over and Inside

Things hide out in thrift stores, whether someone else has hidden the items for their return or they just get thrown around with the rest of the junk. Look inside boxes, inside baskets, behind large items and under larger items. You really never know what you’ll find shoved into a corner! I once found a huge wooden dough bowl inside an ugly basket on the top shelf of the Salvation Army. Finding things in unexpected places is like finding gold!

Have Fun

Finding thrift treasures is such a thrill for me. It honestly turns my day around when I walk out of the store with some cheap, awesome find in hand. Don’t forget to have fun with it! Finding wacky, one-of-a-kind items is so fun and what will really make your home decor stand out from the rest.

I have a lot more thrifting and estate sale posts to come including an estate sale/thrift YouTube haul and an estate sale tips and tricks post!

Comment below the best thrift item you’ve found!

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