Blue Ribbon Sushi at Plymouth Hotel South Beach | Where to Eat in Miami

Where to Eat in Miami

You may think Miami is nothing more than the beach and a party… if you’ve never been there. Miami is one of my favorite places for culture, shopping, history and food! Some of my favorite meals have been in Miami and my most recent trip there in September was one of the best!

If you’re wondering what amazing meals I ordered, keep scrolling!

We had quite a few days to spend finding great food. Considering we arrived at breakfast time on Friday and left well after dinner time on Monday, I’ve got enough recommendations to last awhile!

The Egg Spot Miami

The Egg Spot (Downtown Miami) is a small little casual eatery with breakfast, lunch and coffee. My sister and I both ordered the same thing: The Matador with chorizo, scrambled egg, pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli on a brioche bun. It was basically a big breakfast burger! It was very flavorful and had the perfect amount of spice. I could only eat half of it but it was really great. I also got an iced coffee (or latte, I don’t remember) and it was really good!

Blue Ribbon Sushi at Plymouth Hotel South Beach | Where to Eat in Miami
Blue Ribbon Sushi at the Plymouth Hotel

We stayed at the Plymouth Hotel (South Beach) and were able to check-in immediately when we arrived, so it was a no-brainer to head directly out to the pool. Inside the Plymouth Hotel is a gorgeous little tiki-themed bar and the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, which will also deliver food and drinks right to your pool chair. This is the spicy tuna roll with avocado added and a fresh strawberry lemonade. One of my favorite meals of the trip, even though it was really just a snack! My sister doesn’t like sushi and even she said it was really good.

Bodega Taqueria & Tequila (South Beach) is another very casual little spot with amazing food. The customer service was not great, but the food was delicious! I especially loved the queso; it was a unique yellow queso and came in a big cup with delicious chips. I also got the esquites (corn in a cup not on a cobb) and two tacos: fried shrimp and al pastor. If this was a local place, it may be a weekly spot! They also had frozen margaritas that looked amazing and were fairly inexpensive for happy hour.

Dreamer South Beach | Where to Eat in Miami
Dreamer South Beach

Dreamer (South Beach) is a tropical-inspired acai bowl shop with very trendy, cute decor. It’s very Instagram-worthy and would be a great place to work on your laptop during lunch. The acai bowls were refreshing and large, although they were pretty expensive and they charged you extra to eat in the restaurant, rather than taking it to-go, which is really odd considering they only difference in eating in and or taking it to-go is that they put your to-go bowl on a plastic plate.

Kush Wynwood | Where to Eat in Miami
Kush Wynwood

Kush (Wynwood) was amazing! It’s a pot-themed restaurant on a semi-sketchy corner in Wynwood (which is mostly sketchy at night, to be honest). Although it sounds like it, they do not put marijuana in any of the food. On the appetizer list is the Frito Pie (seen above) which I can’t pass up. The chili on this was amazing! We also both ordered a cheeseburger and fries, but ended up taking it to-go because my sister wasn’t feeling well. By the time we got back to our hotel, the fries were soggy and cold but seemed like they would have been awesome when served. The burger was amazing, even slightly cold! I would definitely go back here when I visit again.

Joe & The Juice South Beach | Where to Eat in Miami
Joe & The Juice

Joe & The Juice (South Beach) was halfway between our very short walk from the hotel to the beach, and it was the perfect stop! My sister ordered an iced coffee on our first day there, which was tasty. The second day I ordered this Energy “Shake” which is actually a smoothie (made of raspberries, banana and almond milk). It did taste a lot like a milkshake, so it was amazing and the perfect post-beach treat. I’ve heard a lot about Joe & The Juice from various L.A. YouTubers so it was nice to stop in and get a taste.

Morgan's Wynwood | Where to Eat in Miami
Morgan’s Wynwood

We attempted to make it to Zak the Baker, but it was unfortunately unexpectedly closed. Instead, we stopped by Morgan’s Restaurant (Wynwood) which had good reviews for a large collection of brunch items. You really can’t tell from the photo, but this frittata is the size of my head. It had at least 5 eggs, but probably more and I could only eat half! My sister ordered a waffle and it was very tasty!

Sylvano South Beach | Where to Eat in Miami
Sylvano Miami Beach

What a find! Sylvano (South Beach) is a hidden gem. I always crave pasta on vacation, and I’ve had some of the best Italian in Miami on previous trips. Sylvano was just a couple blocks from our hotel so we walked on a cooler night and sat al fresco (like you’re supposed to do in Miami!). This spot is a little non-descript from the outside, but the patio is gorgeous and you feel like you’re in Italy or Spain or someone’s patio. The Orecchiette alle Melanzane was absolutely amazing and my sister’s pasta (Ravioli Black Truffle) was great as well! The bread and olive oil truly hit the spot and the service was great and quick. For Miami, it was incredibly affordable and less than $40 for both of our meals plus a salad.

Kith Treats | Where to Eat in Miami
Kith Treats

Kith Treats (South Beach) is another brand I’m familiar with from YouTubers, as it’s actually a casual clothing brand (Kith), turned ice cream shop here in Miami. Basically, they combine your ice cream with various cereals (you get to choose or you can choose an already-created recipe) and you get a soft-serve sundae of sorts. I ordered the Nutella/hazelnut recipe (The Wifey) and it definitely hit the spot. A little pricey at about $10+, but I couldn’t even finish! It was also halfway between our hotel and the beach, so a good spot for after dinner.

The Confidante Hotel Beach Grill

Our final day was spent at the Confidante Hotel beach and spa. I absolutely loved the service at the beach! They will bring food and drinks right to your beach lounger from the hotel’s poolside grill. We both ordered the hot dog because we weren’t incredibly hungry (and it was the cheapest on the menu) but it was quite honestly the best hot dog I’ve had. Hot dogs can be kinda gross, but it was high-quality and really filling. The french fries were great too! There’s nothing like having hot food delivered right to the beach.

This guide barely scratches the surface of everything you can find to eat in Miami. We didn’t even get to grab food in Coconut Grove and I didn’t take photos of our other finds at The Salty Donut (Wynwood) and Versailles (Little Havana). If you’ve been to Miami, leave your recommendations for our next trip in the comments below!

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