Shacket Style for Fall

The shacket. A word that is making the rounds this fall.

The shirt-jacket has been here for awhile. And I’ve been a big fan. But someone coined the phrase this year, so now it’s all the rage! Plaid shackets are flying off the racks and Old Navy couldn’t even keep one (that I wanted!) in stock for more than a couple days.

When I saw this one at Target, I had to have it. The longer length is chic for the fall and makes any masculine plaid print just a touch more luxurious. Plus the colors are great for Halloween!

I chose to pair this particular plaid shacket with leather heels for a little balance, but if I was wearing it more casually I’d go for Air Force 1’s. I’d also love to find a nice plain, neutral shacket to pair over one of my many graphic tees. I picked up a pair of Chelsea combat boots and I’m going to try that trend out… we’ll see how it goes when they’re delivered tomorrow!

Here are a couple other ways you can style a shacket this season.

Other Shacket Picks

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