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Repair Your Credit to Achieve Your Goals

Thank you CreditRepair.com for sponsoring this post. CreditRepair.com’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it’s a lifestyle.

Do you know your credit score? Personal credit isn’t something we’re taught in school – though it should be. Credit is something that is incredibly important to your life as you become an adult, factoring into your future car, home, and any other type of loan you may need for college, business, or personal reasons. I, for one, have relied heavily on my personal credit at many times throughout my life, especially when we bought our second home just a few months ago!

But unfortunately, you do have to create your own positive credit score. And if you start with a negative score, unfortunately, you can’t just let it sort itself out on its own. There’s a process to it – which is why you hear people say building credit. It takes time and effort! And sometimes you don’t realize this until too late, and you find an error, or you need help working through a bad remark.

That’s where CreditRepair.com comes into play. CreditRepair.com works with you to check, challenge and ultimately improve your credit score.

Their credit score service is so effective that the average score increase for its members in the past was 40 points! (Not all clients saw such a result as all legal cases are different. You should not expect to see the same result and it is not guaranteed.)  It takes a while to build up to that level of increase, so if you’re in a pickle, they can really help. 

The first time I realized my credit actually meant something was when I went to lease my first car and they ran a credit report. I was able to get a lower interest rate on my lease, so I didn’t have to submit a down payment and my monthly payment was much lower. I was pretty excited that I’d be saving so much on one of my largest expenses. This is what made me obsess over credit scores! I was determined to have the highest I could, given that I had credit cards and a student loan meaning I’d probably have balances for a bit.

Then, shortly after my first car purchase, I moved into my first apartment. I was having a real nice time living out on my own, but I was also shopping and spending money a lot. Being on my own, with a bunch of new bills, I accidentally let one Macy’s card purchase slip through the cracks. I saw via credit monitoring services that I had a negative remark on my report for a missed payment! I panicked (of course) because I didn’t mean to purposely ignore the charge, I just had a lot of other things to keep up with and forgot I had spent $30 on a pair of shoes and that I put it on that card. Oops!

While this was user error on my part that I luckily caught through monitoring, there is a chance that you’ve experienced an unfair or illegitimate negative remark on your credit report and you may never know it. With CreditRepair.com, they give you a personal online dashboard, a credit score tracker and analysis, creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring, so you can take care of all of your credit information in one place. Plus they’re able to assist and address those inaccurate or unfair negative remarks to help you repair your credit.

Since Andy and I moved in together many years ago, we realized we wanted to start making the proper steps towards buying a house and credit score plays a huge role in both the amount you’re approved for and the interest rate you’re given. We’ve made many financial changes over the years, especially within the last 2 or so, in preparation for our latest huge purchase – our new house! Over the years, we’ve been able to raise both of our personal scores quite a bit (and keep them high) so that we could get our dream home down the line. Never underestimate the power of a healthy, respectable credit score as it will open so many more (less expensive) doors!

Over the last few years of being married, we’ve been able to buy and sell our first dream home, each get the cars we wanted within our budgets and even buy our second dream home, complete with all of the things we wanted – like a white brick facade and a huge, fenced yard for the dogs. What are you saving for? If it’s a big purchase, I can bet your credit score will be involved. If you’re working towards that goal and need a little extra assistance taking a look at ways to improve your score, check out CreditRepair.com!

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