2020 Recap and 2021 Goals

I had a good feeling about 2020… and I was slightly wrong. Who would have thought it would turn out the way it did, anyways? Although I wasn’t as productive on the blog, or Instagram, we did a lot of work around our townhome, and our new home (surprise goal of 2020) and on myself as well. I’m looking forward to starting over fresh with a new year, and I hope you all feel positive going into 2021 too. Here’s a recap of the year, plus my goals for 2021.

Your favorite Instagram posts from 2020

Goals for 2021


Lose body fat. Since moving in July, I’ve gained a few pounds, which is fine, but it’s because I let stress, life events and unhealthy habits get in the way. I’m not letting myself feel guilty but I want to lose body fat to be my most healthy self!

Work out at least 185 times. Every other day – it sounds like a lot. But I actually have bigger plans to work out every single day in some months. January is one of them! I have some exciting fitness related things coming up so I feel this year will be a good one for fitness.

Incorporate more healthy inputs. I want to eat more vegetables and less empty food, but I also want to make sure I take my vitamins, collagen, greens and protein. I also want to use less toxic ingredients in beauty products and every day items.


Read 15 books. One of my best friends got me Book of the Month for Christmas, so I’m already 1/4 of the way to owning that many books for free! If I read 15+ books this year, I’m going to buy myself a Kindle at the end of the year (or whenever I reach my goal). I also want to incorporate more book reviews or lists of books here on the blog!

Reduce credit card balance to 25% of the current balance. Last year, I wanted to pay 1 credit card off completely, and I paid 2 off and kept them at zero balances! Since we bought our house though, I’ve been putting a bit more on the last card I have to pay off. I want to be as low on credit card usage as possible, so it’ll be a major goal to pay down the only one I use.


Blog more. I really love writing blog posts and making videos, but sometimes I get overwhelmed at my perfectionism and it prevents me from even starting. I have long lists of post ideas, but starting them gives me anxiety sometimes! I also want to post to Instagram more, and post more authentic, real-life photos instead of worrying about a “perfect” feed.

Make more money. I want to increase my income to help me with my debt and savings goals. I definitely want to make more money on my blog than I did in 2021! Whether it’s introducing more media kit templates or working with more brands, I want my little special side hustle to make me a little more bucks.

Share more style and interiors. I’m really passionate about interiors and in any normal year when I get to get out and about, I love a good outfit. Since we are almost finished decorating our new home now, there’s no excuse not to document how we’ve styled it! And I just need an excuse to wear normal clothes again.

What are your resolutions this year? Let’s make it the best one yet!

Header Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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