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The Best Places to Eat in Roswell, Georgia

When I plan a vacation, it’s centered around food. It’s the first thing I look at on Instagram or Pinterest. So I knew I had to keep the culinary karma going and create a list of the best places to eat in my town. Granted, Roswell, Georgia isn’t considered a tourist hot spot (that I know of), but it is one of my personal favorite historic suburbs. I may be biased… but it really is a great city. If you’re trying new areas of Georgia or visiting from out of town, here are the best places to eat in Roswell, Georgia according to locals! (Locals being me, and my husband Andy.)

Breakfast and Coffee

Gracious Plenty

Gracious Plenty – Honestly my favorite restaurant, maybe in the whole world. Order the hash brown bowl with runny eggs, pimento cheese, bacon and onions. The biscuits are equally as amazing, but I’m less of a biscuit girl and more of a breakfast bowl girl.

Crazy Love Coffeehouse

Crazy Love Coffee – They’ve got coffee and light food for lunch or a snack. Great waffle sandwiches and salads! I recommend the vanilla iced coffee, vanilla latte, chicken salad salad and the breakfast sandwich.

Spiced Right Rib House – Listen, I know you’re like, a BBQ place? Really? But they’ve got the best authentic “hometown” biscuits in town, trust. And the bacon. I’m not a huge fan of bacon, but their bacon is amazing! Don’t skip the donuts either.

Pop’s Coffee Co. – My favorite coffee shop in Roswell! I usually get a coffee every Saturday when I visit my favorite thrift shop around the corner. This place is vibes, I’m telling you. Especially if you were a wannabe alt girl or boy in middle school… like me. Order the vanilla latte, iced coffee and a banana muffin. Then stay for awhile and work. Such a great atmosphere.

Sarah Donuts – I know I can’t be the only one whose family got donuts every single weekend. These homemade donuts taste super fresh and I love every flavor I’ve tried. It’s always fun when they throw in a few donut holes for free too, so you can eat them on the way home and no one notices. 🙂 Also highly, highly recommend their housemade sweet iced coffee.


Le Bistro at Roswell Provisions

Le Bistro at Roswell Provisions – You won’t find a better view of Canton Street than this second story porch. I love Le Bistro (I just call it Roswell Provisions though) for a nice lunch with friends or even a solo meal. The egg salad sandwich is to die for and they have great desserts too! Le Grand Bleu chips are amazing as a shared appetizer! Now I think I need to schedule a lunch for this week…

Fickle Pickle – Good ol’ fashioned southern sandwiches. Fickle Pickle is so good, and it shows, because it gets busy! We don’t come here very often, but we should. I had my first ever tuna melt here and it was amazing! The tomato soup is also out of this world and – you guessed it – the fried pickles are delicious too.

Souper Jenny – This is one of those staple places that you know you’ll always find something tasty and healthy which is a bonus! Their menu changes daily and is based on whatever is in stock from their farm and local farms in the Atlanta area. So it’s hard to recommend meals, but I always get a combo of one sandwich and one salad (which can either be a lettuce salad or a pasta/vegetable salad), a drink (sweet tea, always), a piece of bread (get the pretzel bun) and a cookie! The sandwiches and salads are huge.

Poke Life

Poke Life – No lie, I used to get Poke Life every Monday at lunch after I worked out. It’s incredibly fresh and a nice, light lunch that will keep you full for awhile. I get the bowl with white rice, tuna and spicy tuna, carrots, mango, edamame, cabbage, fried onions, furikake, seaweed salad and crab salad mixed with ponzu sauce and ginger sauce. Sometimes quick sushi isn’t in the cards, so this is the very best replacement for a sushi meal!


Ceviche – Another one that we don’t get to as often because it’s usually really busy, but such good Mexican food. The queso is the best! A lot of the restaurants downtown Canton Street are a bit “fancier” so if you’re eating with picky eaters or a larger group, this is a great spot. (But not too large, because it’s definitely a smaller restaurant.) Definitely recommend the tacos and the Arroz Mexicano. Do not forget a margarita.

1920 Tavern – This place is great for a celebration like a birthday! We went for Christmas Eve one year. Very intimate restaurant with amazing cocktails too. They’ve got a lot to choose from, so it’s a safe bet for a group or even date night. I love the fried chicken meal! And you get a ton of food.

Lola’s Burger Bar

Lola’s Burger Bar – Lola’s is a newer restaurant downtown, and my sister and I just tried it for the first time not too long ago. You have to get the Crispy Fried Onion Loaf – Loaded. If you love onion rings, this is the most amazing food. The burgers and fries are excellent too!

Your Pie – Our favorite locally owned pizza!! My favorite part is that they’re personal pizzas (but no, not like you get from Pizza Hut at Target) and you can get unlimited toppings. Andy and I rarely agree on pizza toppings, and I like a white pizza, so this place is perfect for us. I usually get the Great White, add sausage, and they have the very best ranch I’ve ever eaten. Also extremely delicious cheese bread and Caprese salad.

Moxie Burger – Moxie Burger is our go-to for burgers. There was a time we went every single weekend! I build my own beef burger and the white bun is amazing and buttery and soft. I used to get the turkey burger on a lettuce “wrap” (it’s really a bed of lettuce) when I was really watching my food intake and it’s so good, almost better than a beef burger on a bun! The stars of the show are the sides though — I never know if I should order the fries (with ranch), the onion straws (with petal sauce), or the zucchini fries (with spicy ranch). The sweet potato fries are excellent too. Super reliable restaurant and a great outdoor patio.

Brookwood Grill – We would go here for almost every birthday meal in my family growing up. It’s not downtown, but it’s worth it. They have amazing steaks, but I always order the chicken fingers with mac and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes. Ask for the croissants before your meal!

Pizzeria Lucca – Hands down our favorite local Neapolitan pizza shop. We went here for dinner the first night we purchased our first house as a celebration! Inside is sort of a family style setup where you sit at large tables and it’s super casual, which we love! We typically get it to go though. The ‘Lucca’ is our go to order, but their traditional New York cheese is good too! They also have a great caesar salad and a case of desserts at the front.

Now you’re ready to hit the best spots in Roswell! Have a favorite of your own? Drop it in the comments below! We love trying new places and I’m always looking out for the next best restaurant in Roswell.

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