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The New Peloton Tread Review

We purchased and have been testing the new Peloton Tread since January 2021. It was just released for public sale August 30th so I had to get this review up to help those who are shopping. Watch the full YouTube video above for all of the details, and see a very quick recap below.

The New Peloton Tread vs. The Tread+

The Tread+ is a lot larger than the new Peloton Tread. The new Peloton Tread has a 59 inch belt and a 23.8 in HD screen, while the Tread+ has a 67 inch belt and a 32 inch screen. The Tread+ has a taller base, making it taller overall.

Belt: The new Tread has a basic belt treadmill (like what you’re used to on a treadmill) and feels flatter like running on asphalt. The Tread+ has a slat belt, which absorbs more shock and is bouncier. The Tread+ also has a “Free Run” feature that allows you to self-propel the belt by running faster or slower (like a Woodway Curve).

Price: The new Tread is selling at $2,495.00 and the Tread+ was selling at $4,295.00 before it went on voluntary recall.

There are also a few other technological differences which you can read about here, like upgraded bluetooth and camera on the new Tread.

Why We Chose the New Peloton Tread

We chose the new Peloton Tread over the Tread+ because of 2 reasons: price and size.

The new Tread is more affordable and much smaller. Not only is it about half the price, but we did the 0% financing to make a one year payment plan cheaper than my OrangeTheory/CrossFit membership (after a small “down” payment).

Since we have a small basement gym with lower ceilings, the new Tread made much more sense to fit into the space. Not only is the belt shorter, but the height is also shorter, which means that if we go all the way up to the maximum incline, we won’t pump our heads on the ceiling. The screen is also almost 10 inches smaller than the screen on the Tread+, so it does not impede on the visibility of our flatscreen on the wall in front of the treadmill.

First Impressions

When we received our treadmill, I instantly bought into the hype. I took a class that night (within 15 minutes after the delivery team left) and I fell in love with the Peloton vibe. I joined all of the Facebook groups immediately and became a Peloton die-hard. After one class! The instructors/culture is truly something unique and what really keeps me obsessed. That night, we purchased the bike too.

There’s a significant difference in the feeling of the belt on the Tread vs. the Tread+. The Tread+ is bouncier and softer. The Tread feels flatter and more like running outside. I haven’t had any issues with joint pain or any other type of pain from running on it though.

The programming is amazing. I choose to take mostly Bootcamp classes because that’s the style workout that I enjoy. If you’ve ever taken OrangeTheory, Barry’s or any other similar treadmill-strength class, these classes are really similar. Since I love OrangeTheory and CrossFit, these classes are really similar in style. Yes, even similar to CrossFit! There’s a lot of burpees… but the classes also share terminology like “EMOM” and “AMRAP” just without the Olympic lifting. My favorite instructors are Adrian Williams, Chase Tucker and Jess Sims.

The look and feel of the whole piece of equipment is really sleek and modern and we love how it fits in with a lot of our other technology. I love the dials on the side of the handlebars that increase/decrease the speed and incline. The screen is super clear, the video is high quality and the user interface is very intuitive. I had no issues operating it right upon setup. You can customize your screen to show just what you want to see (speed, mileage, rank in class, heart rate, playlist).

What We Would Change

I never have an issue finding on-demand classes, but I wish they had more Live classes throughout the day. I find that the Tread classes have fewer Live classes daily, and they are at times that don’t fit in with my work schedule.

The sound/speaker system sounds a little bit flat and I tend to have it turned up a lot. When you’re running on the tread, and the sound is coming out of the back of the screen, it can be hard to hear the instructor at times. It does allow you to turn up the instructors voice only, or hear more music and less instructor, which is nice to be able to personalize.

The tray is tiny. It has enough space for 2 water bottles and your iPhone but there isn’t enough space for you to rest your laptop (safely) if you want to walk while you work. I believe there are aftermarket products made for this for the Tread+, so if one comes out for this model, I would potentially purchase that down the line.

The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t connect directly to the Apple Watch. (Neither treadmills do, that I know of.) I have to wear my old OrangeTheory heart rate strap in order to see the heart rate stats during the workout. Luckily, I still owned that heart rate strap.


I love it. I’m sure I’d love the Tread+ even more if I had the money for 2. But at that price point, I’d almost rather have two Treads so Andy and I could run at the same time. 😛 I will buy anything Peloton forever, now. And I can’t wait to see what they come out with next — holding out hope for a Rower!

If you’re interested in purchasing anything Peloton, use my referral code ‘8JVRTG‘ to get $100 off your accessories when you purchase a piece of equipment!

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