Nuuly Review: Monthly Clothing Rental

When you share outfits for a living (okay, for me, more of a hobby), then the cost of buying clothes really adds up. And I hate returning things! Why go to the store twice?! I had never rented clothing before… I’m one of those people who loves new clothes. There’s nothing like a fresh shirt that has never been washed… and then once it’s washed, it’s just not the same.

So when clothing rental companies became a thing in college, I thought “sure, that’s a great idea, but probably not for me.” Plus, I don’t need to rent designer clothing. I have more of an approachable, attainable style for every day. I have more pieces from Madewell and Free People, not Gucci and Louis. So enter in Nuuly.

How it Works

Every month, you get a new box of items that you select yourself, for only $88 (+tax). Each month I go in and select 6 new items that I can wear all month long, and I don’t even have to wash them before I send them back! If there’s an item I just have to own afterwards, I can buy it for a discounted price up to 40% off! There have been a couple pieces that I wanted to buy, and now I regret not purchasing because they were great deals!

I like to get a variety of items, mixing and matching tops, bottoms and dresses. The clothing comes from Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters and 75% of the items I’ve received in my first 3 boxes have been brand new with tags attached, which makes me feel great about the quality.

The Pros

There are thousands of styles and pieces, and quite a lot of sizes too! If you’re trying to figure out what your style is after not leaving the house for a year and a half like I am… it’s perfect. Since Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie all have slightly different styles, there’s a little something for everyone and even more if you’re a fan of all 3 stores.

The clothing is super high quality. Since the majority of the pieces that I’ve selected have been brand new, with tags, I can see exactly how much they were selling for in the store. I’ve rented dresses that cost between $100-$200 with tags on them still! Such a good deal. I trust the clothing from Anthro and Free People to be high quality and know what to expect from the fit typically too. I once had a shirt that had a small hole in it, and when I let Nuuly know, they sent me a credit for my next box.

It’s so easy to rent and return. They have so many items on the site that I sometimes have to pare down the items I want for my next box. The box comes in a soft, zippered package within 3 days of ordering and it comes with a pre-printed return label. You don’t even have to wash the clothing! Of course, I don’t get stains on anything, but that just makes it that much easier to throw the items back in the bag and drop them off at the UPS store.

The reviews are really helpful in selecting sizes and they have a wide range of styles from smaller to larger. There have been a few times that I wanted something that wasn’t in my size, but you can actually search the site for items only in sizes you select which helps you avoid disappointment. I typically just search for brand new items, which rarely have reviews, but there’s a greater chance of getting a brand new piece.

The Cons

Sets (like a matching top and bottom) are considered two different pieces, so that will take up more of your selections for the month, which is unfortunate.

Some of the items I’ve received that were pre-worn were wrinkled and just didn’t feel as fresh as the newer, tagged items. Like I said above, you can just tell when something is brand new. A lot of Free People’s items don’t wash super well, so I had one dress that I LOVED that I really had to steam and iron to get it to look and feel fresher.

Sometimes I don’t need 6 special items in one month, so I don’t feel like I use the outfits to their full potential. And sometimes I feel like I need more than 6 items. Especially when something doesn’t fit — sizing can be weird when there are so many different brands and no reviews or sizing information provided.

Nuuly is Great For…

  • Going on vacation — I did this and my box was perfect for the beach
  • Bloggers, influencers — or someone who takes photos of their outfits constantly for social media
  • People who have frequent special events, especially business casual or casual events (I haven’t seen any ball gowns lately)
  • Someone who is losing or gaining weight — don’t spend all of your money on new clothes if you’re just going to size out of them!
  • Someone who is pregnant — they have maternity clothing as well!

What do you think, are you ready to try it out? Use this link to get $10 off your first box!

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