What I Wore in Venice, Italy

I’m still recapping everything I wore on our sister trip to Italy last fall… oops! (You can see everything I wore in Rome here!) To be honest, it was one of the last times I actually dressed up consistently after getting pregnant the month after I got back!

We flew into Venice first, for just one night, and it was really a magical place! I would recommend going to Venice for at least one night/two days to explore the one-of-a-kind city without cars. It’s very historical and the architecture is amazing. It’s a beautiful place and I’d love to go back to explore some of the other islands in the area!

Since you’re walking everywhere, I’d recommend flat and comfy shoes. There are quite a bit of stairs up and down the canals, so keep that in mind when packing too! We never took a water taxi (except from the airport) and walked everywhere. Everything was pretty centralized.

On the Plane/Ferry/Exploring Day 1


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