Newborn Essentials – One Week In

Now that we’ve had our baby girl home for a whole month, I have learned exactly what is on my newborn essentials checklist. These newborn must-haves were used the most within the first week and beyond, so if you’re wondering if you forgot anything before the baby comes, this list will help cover any of those last minute baby purchases.

Nipple Shields

If you’re having trouble breastfeeding, I highly recommend using nipple shields! In fact, the hospital gave me shields as soon as I gave birth when Carson had a hard time latching because of inverted nipples. We’re working to wean off of them now that pumping has completely changed my nipples, but we’re still using them for every feed. It makes things more comfortable and makes me calmer and more confident when feeding.

Pack ‘n Play

I thought this was totally unnecessary for us, and I was so wrong. This has been hands down one of the best items we purchased! We went with the 4moms Breeze Plus Playard with a changing table and bassinet attachment. Without these two accessories, there’s no way we’d use it as much. We change her diaper on the changing table about 85% of the time to avoid walking upstairs to her nursery changing table. We also set her down for naps in the bassinet attachment while we’re in the living room.

Wubbanub Pacifier

We’re so lucky Carson will take almost any pacifier, but she really liked the Wubbanub because it stayed in place better with the weight of the stuffed animal and she could hold it! Plus it’s harder to lose.

Silver Nipple Covers

If you’re breastfeeding, these will save your nipples! When they get sore, cracked, or dry, wearing these daily will bring them right back to life. You don’t even need nipple cream if you’re using these! Pair them with the breastfeeding pads in your bra so you don’t leak everywhere. A lot of people swear by the Silverettes, but I use these much more affordable ones.

Mockingbird Stroller with Car Seat Adapter

We love our Mockingbird stroller! We’ve been pretty active, going for walks and going out and about, so the Car Seat Adapter makes it really easy to go from the car to wherever you need to go. Even if you’re just going to the doctor, getting in and out of the car is so much easier with this stroller and Car Seat Adapter.

Touch Nightlight

Another one of our most used and loved items is this egg nightlight. You’ll see it on all of the lists, but before you use it you think it’s stupid. I get it because I felt the same way. Well as soon as we got home and used it once, I bought another one. It’s so easy to use and in the middle of the night you will hate bright lights and so will your baby. We keep one in the nursery and one in our room. I’ll probably use it long after we have middle-of-the-night feedings!

Boon Trove Milk Collector

Everyone talks about the Haakaa. I have both. And the Haakaa is SO hard to use when you’re nursing. The Boon Trove sits in your bra (like a hands-free pump) and collects letdown while you feed on the other side. You’d be surprised how much you can collect that would otherwise go to waste!

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

We’ve tried a few different swaddles and Carson does really well with all of them, but the Halo Sleepsack is the easiest for us to use and best for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. It’s also really affordable! We also liked the Ollie swaddle, but it was more difficult to swaddle up in the dark.

Magnetic Me Gowns

I’m obsessed with our Magnetic Me gowns and footies. Especially the modal fabric — if you like bamboo, you’ll love these. I was lucky enough to find a few pieces at TJ Maxx for really cheap, but I recently stocked up on newer prints at the Magnetic Me annual sale. The gown makes changing diapers super easy and the magnets are so much easier than buttons and snaps. Just trust me!

Microwave Sterilizer Bags

We didn’t get a sterilizer machine, and I’m too lazy to sterilize on the stovetop, so these sterilizer bags are a huge help. You can use them multiple times and it only takes a minute and a half in the microwave to sterilize multiple pump pieces, bottles, or pacifiers. Worth the money, and especially helpful for traveling!

Comfy Sets with Button-down Tops and Pockets

This one’s for you. You’ll live in these comfy sets that look fine in public but also double as PJs. The button-down top makes feeding easier, and the pockets in the shorts are a must when you’re carrying your baby around and need to hold your phone or a pacifier. I love the coordinating linen sets from Old Navy and PJ sets from Target.

Larken Pumping Bra

I didn’t realize that pumping bras and nursing bras were different… and I was disappointed that I only had nursing bras! Without a good pumping bra, you’ll be completely tied up when you’re pumping because you’ll have to hold the pump parts while they’re going. This Larken bra is super convenient and comfy for pumping and nursing!

Diaper Caddy

You’ll want a diaper caddy wherever you spend the most time, whether it’s in your living room or in your bedroom (or both). We keep this one in our living room and (like I said earlier) use it most of the time. I also have another (softer) diaper caddy in the car! Keep diapers, wipes, diaper creams, bibs, burp clothes, and toys in there.

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